Hi, I'm Mohsen

Illustrator, Graphic, Web and UI Designer

Personal Statement

Being creative is always making me excited. I have always tried to find better solutions to represent my ideas and still I'm very much like this! even after 12 years since I have started to learn about anything related to graphic design.

Hi, I'm Mohsen a 33 years old. Graphic, Web and UI designer also an illustrator, familiar with motion graphics. I have worked as a freelancer, junior and senior designer with the knowledge of printing design. My passion is the illustration. I began to learn motion graphic recently based on my companies' demand and can do the CSS and HTML markup. I know that Being a good team member means being able to clearly communicate ideas with the group so I can tell that I'm a good team player!
My interests include reading about new skills in graphic design and also illustration. Moreover, following creative designers are extending my vision about new ideas so I spend so much time to analyze their works. Like so many people music is an inseparable part of my life and helps me to have an imaginary persona.
Overall there is no right or wrong in art and it can be translated a million different ways and I'm doing my best to make a short path to be a part of these ways.